Advanced Technology for Rugged Performance in Extreme Environments

Mission-critical optical encoders and encoder-based motion control systems for space, military, and commercial applications.


Optical Encoders

Quantic BEI optical encoders are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the demands of any customer in any environment. Our offering encompasses housed or un-housed (kit), absolute or incremental, and single-turn or multi-turn sensors for any motion control application. Quantic BEI provides the highest performance rotary sensing solutions for space, military, scientific, and commercial programs.

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Quantic BEI manufactures flight worthy pivot and jewel accelerometers and displacement sensors for flight control systems and fatigue vibration monitoring. Qualified and field-proven, our accelerometers operate over a wide temperature range, are very accurate, and have a long operating life requiring no scheduled maintenance.

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Optical Scanners

Quantic BEI rotary optical scanners can be found in military aircraft and combat vehicle vision systems. These robust optical scanners operate with precision in demanding environmental conditions; wide temperature ranges, in vibration and shock environments, and at high altitudes.

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While Quantic BEI does not manufacture resolvers, we recommend visiting our sister company, Quantic Thistle. Along with Quantic BEI, Quantic Thistle provides an unrivaled capability in motion control and feedback sensors for mission-critical applications. You can find out more information on Quantic Thistle resolvers by visiting their website at Quantic Thistle


Custom Capabilities

While Quantic BEI offers several COTS products, we also understand the need for and specialize in custom products. Quantic BEI’s Extensive Range of Engineering Expertise Supported by In-House Design and Analysis Capabilities guarantee that we can design and deliver products or services that meet your most demanding requirements.


Quantic Thistle

Quantic Thistle, a part of the Quantic BEI family of companies, aims to provide innovative sensors for Measurement, Motion and Control applications using our unique Defense, Nuclear and Industrial market expertise. To meet the critical demands of our customers. Develop new solutions and markets by offering a broad range of products and services while maintaining our values, quality, and reliability.

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