Optical Scanners

Quantic BEI rotary optical scanners and dither scanners can be found in military aircraft and combat vehicle vision systems. These robust optical scanners operate with precision in demanding environmental conditions; wide temperature ranges, in vibration and shock environments, and at high altitudes.

Rotary Scanners

Model SPC35 Rotary Scanner

The SPC35 scanner has a self-contained servo package including a brushless DC motor, optical encoder, multi-faceted (8 facets) polygon mirror, and electronics. The SPC35 has been designed for high reliability military night vision applications.


Dither Scanners

2-Axis Optical Dither Scanner

The 2-Axis Dither Scanner is a mechanism that moves an optical element to precise pre-determined angular positions under servo control. Four voice coil actuators, in concert with linear optical encoders, make up individual linear servomotors that force the optic to rotate on flexural pivots. Our dither scanners have found purpose in enhancing the resolution of imaging systems by controlled dithering of the incoming light bundle. These devices are fully qualified for military deployment and can be customized to meet a wide range of imaging needs.