Quantic BEI manufactures flight worthy pivot and jewel accelerometers and displacement sensors for flight control systems and fatigue vibration monitoring. Qualified and field proven, our accelerometers operate over a wide temperature range, are very accurate, and have a long operating life requiring no scheduled maintenance.

Linear Accelerometers

Linear Servo Accelerometer Model 4311A

The Model 4311A is a miniaturized and rugged version of the obsolete Model 4310 accelerometer. This low-cost, high volume device is highly reliable and ideal for missile control and aircraft autopilot applications. The low operating voltage produces a high-level, high accuracy signal output without amplification.


Linear Servo Accelerometer Model 4384A

The Model 4384A is a proven performer in applications of flight control, autopilot, guidance, and instrumentation for missiles, spacecraft, and aircraft system. This device transmits accurate, high sensitivity outputs to low-level acceleration measurements under harsh environmental vibration and shock.


Inertial Angular Displacement Sensor

IADS Model 8301F

The Model 8301F is a very precise fluid rotor displacement sensor that detects angular motion from 2 to 2000 Hertz. Ruggedized and qualified for space flight, the 8301F can achieve sensitivities of 100,000 Volts/radian with noise floors of 50 nanoradians RMS or less. The detection threshold of this device has been shown to be well below 1 nanoradian.