Rotary Wing

Quantic BEI provides accelerometers and other vibration monitoring systems for several rotary wing applications. Quantic BEI accelerometers can be found on the Blackhawk.

Fixed Wing

In the world of fixed wing aircraft, the instrumentation must be able to survive the most extreme environments while also retaining extreme accuracy. Quantic BEI has accomplished this on many fronts. From the T-50 Golden Eagle to the state of the art F-35.

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The proliferation of UAV’s has dramatically increased in recent years. Stemming from a rich history in military applications, Quantic BEI offers high performance optical sensor solutions to equip these platforms with the vision necessary for mission success. Quantic BEI has demonstrated this capability on airframes such as the Global Hawk, and remains poised to support the next generation of UAVs.