Quantic™ BEI’s Encoder Enables High Resolution Rotary Position Sensing for Raytheon VIIRS Weather Instrument

Posted on September 26, 2023

Quantic BEI’s Encoder Enables High Resolution Rotary Position Sensing for Raytheon VIIRS Weather Instrument

Collaboration providing detailed images for data on emerging global weather patterns

MAUMELLE, ARKANSAS, September 26, 2023 Quantic™ BEI, a business of Quantic® Electronics (“Quantic”), today announced that its precision optical encoder is enabling high- resolution rotational position sensing for the Raytheon’s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Instrument, which collects atmospheric imagery that provide detailed weather patterns for predicting weather. The first images are being released from the NOAA-21 VIIRS Instrument.

Quantic BEI’s optical encoder is a state-of-the-art angular position sensing solution designed to meet the exacting requirements of mission-critical applications. Its industry leading resolution capabilities, combined with its space heritage, make it the ideal choice for demanding applications like VIIRS.

“VIIRS is a key instrument in the Joint Polar Satellite System, the nation’s latest generation polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system,” said Ed Chung, VIIRS Program Director, Raytheon. “JPSS polar satellites circle the Earth from pole-to-pole, utilizing BEI optical encoders in conjunction with state-of-the art optical assemblies to provide full global coverage twice a day. Because of their ‘around the Earth’ orbit and ability to cover the entire globe every 14 hours, polar satellites give meteorologists detailed information on severe weather events and visible/infrared images that are a critical part of operational weather community.”

“Quantic BEI is proud to participate with Raytheon on the VIIRS Program providing an ultra-high precision angular position sensor which is an enabling technology in support of this instrumental platform and the critical weather forecasting mission,” said Alan Sikarskie, Vice President/General Manager, Quantic BEI.

About Quantic BEI

Quantic BEI is a leader in high-resolution angular positioning sensor technologies for mission critical applications providing advanced design, manufacturing and testing for reliable and resilient products and systems. Quantic BEI products are utilized in space, airborne, naval, and ground vehicle applications where high-performance is required to accomplish critical missions. Quantic BEI is headquartered in Maumelle Arkansas, and also has a facility in Edinburgh, Scotland. To learn more, visit www.quanticbei.com.

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